Rent out your property with us! Many Norwegians who buy a property in Spain plan to finance the purchase by renting it out for shorter or longer periods. A rental agreement with us makes the rental process both smooth and professional.

If you choose Spaniasommer as a rental agent for your property, we ensure that your property is distributed via all the known portals that are approved by us according to several parameters including our own portal (Both website and Facebook page with over 14500 followers).

A rental agreement with us is flexible - and can be adapted to your needs.

For example, a rental agreement might look like this:

  • Photos taken by a professional photographer
  • Text for advertisements
  • Distribution of advertisements
  • Management of bookings, Kalender, etc.
  • Meet & greet

This is part of our Meet & Greet agreement:

  • Arrival of vacationers: Delivery of keys, inspection of the accommodation together with the tenants, necessary information about the local area is given to the tenants. 
  • During the rental period: Available to tenants in case of any problems with the property and rectification of faults if possible.
  • Departure of vacationers: Collection of keys, inspection of accommodation with tenants, review of checklist, and cleaning.

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