The story behind Spanish summer

Spaniasommer was started in 2000 by Atle Sommerfeldt. We dare to say that the website is one of the longest running Norwegian sites focusing on Spain. Through Spaniasommer, Atle has offered marketing of homes for rent and sale all over Spain. As back in 2000, in 2010, in 2015 and today in 2022, Spaniasommer is still one of the most visited websites for Norwegians looking for housing in Spain. In addition, we have over 14500 followers on Facebook who eagerly follow the housing market.

Spaniasommer in 2000


Spaniasommer in 2000.

A new era

On August 11, 2022, Spaniabolig SL( acquired

Spaniasommer Rentals SL. is owned by Roy Myrvoll, Ole Martin Holthe and Espen Tjøstheim Eik. In addition to renting out homes, we also work with the sale of homes in Spain through the company Spaniabolig - the company's owners have extensive experience in selling and buying homes for customers all over Europe, in addition, we have good expertise in operating online solutions and digital marketing.

Going forward, will focus as an advertising portal for the rental market in Spain. We hope that landlords with properties will welcome our new platform with open arms, it is simple and intuitive for both landlords and potential tenants.

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