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Detached house

Size: 300
from 4 000 per week high season
from 2 000 per week low season
Bedroom: 8
Sleeping places: 20
Bathrooms: 6
from 4 000 per week high season
from 2 000 per week low season

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Detached houses

Larger villas, smaller villas, detached houses in a row, finca/farmhouse etc.
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Central city apartments, apartments in apartment buildings, etc.

Let Christer take care of your guests!

Let Christer take care of your guests this year! We offer keyholding, supervision of your house and meeting with your tenants. We can also coordinate your rental from A to Z👌All to make your rental process as seamless as possible. Contact us for more information☀️🏝

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At Spaniasommer you will find all types of homes for rent in Spain. Larger villas by the sea, apartments in larger apartment complexes, farmhouses / fincas further inland of Spain etc.

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Spaniasommer is a good option for you who rent out your property in Spain. We have a good reach, with high traffic on our website as well as over 15000 followers on Facebook.

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